Vegetarian Starters And Light Meals

Below you will find fantastic vegetarian starters and light meals. 
Click on links below for free recipes:

  These vegetarian recipes are easy to make and quick to prepare.  Most of these recipes can be served as main courses by simply increasing the quantities.

Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes / Tapas / Finger Food

Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Vegetarian Burger Recipes

Vegetarian Wrap Recipes

Vegetarian Pizza Recipes

Vegetarian Backpacking Recipes / Picnic Recipes

Vegetarian Grilling Recipes

Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes / Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes

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Eating great food plays great part in Portuguese culture and social life. Entertaining guests and relatives is one of our favourite hobbies.  

What a better way to make our friends welcome by serving nibbles or tapas, sharing a drink and great conversation.  It may be informal but it does help to relax your guests and allow them to feel looked after without having to make ceremony as we call it.
I have included easy vegetarian recipes for everyone to enjoy.
Bom apetite!

Vegetarian Meals Programme

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