Dessert Recipes

 For the perfect sweet trolley, here is a selection of Portuguese dessert recipes.

        White Chocolate Mouse With Raspberries               Tomato Jam

                         Portuguese Rice Pudding                     Exotic Fruit Salad

                       Bread Butter Pudding                                Apple Cakes

                           Pumpkin Ice Cream                            Pumpkin Pudding

                              Vanilla Dessert                                 Summer Pudding

                         Chocolate Cupcakes                      Portuguese Molotov Cake

           Banana Muffins - Bolinhos de Banana        Portuguese Beetroot Cake

                Bread Cake With Blueberries       Almond Cinnamon Cake - Bolo Amendoa

                        Coconut Sponge Cake               Quince Marmalade - Fruit Jam

                          Sweet Coconut Rice                           Light Sponge Cake

                             Sweet Plain Scones                      Bolo Rei - Sweet King's Cake


      Rich Tea Biscuit Cake - Bolo Bolacha             Carrot Cake - Light Carrot sponge

Pasteis De Nata - Custard Tart Portuguese Style      Goji Berry Cake - Fruit Sponge Cake

                    Mango Torte - Roulade   Coscoroes – Portuguese Christmas Pastry Cakes


     Bolas De Berlim- Portuguese Donuts         Chocolate Orange Roll With Caramel

Bolo De Bolacha- Chocolate Cake Roll

My selection of recipes are easy to follow.  
Sweet recipes is a good way to introduce children to cooking. 
The perfect way to compliment a great meal.  Site photos help show desired effect and are a suggestion on how to present them.

Why not select your favourite recipe and have a go at creating yourself?

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Always helps to learn the basics and to get professional advise if you can.  To find out more check course link below:

Online Cake Baking Course

My recipes have been developed until perfected. 
Everyone is unique.
  The best way to improve recipes to your taste is to cook them many times until the desired result is received.

If you have not found what you are looking for or would like to see a particular Portuguese dessert please let me know using the Contact Us form.

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